Re-running the postinstall

J’ai le message suivant:
It looks like you’re trying to re-postinstall a system that was already working previously … If you recently had some bug or issues with your installation, please first discuss with the team on how to fix the situation instead of savagely re-running the postinstall …
Est-ce possible d’enlever le fichier qui demande de faire le postinstall ?
Tout est fonctionnel sur le server.

Can you maybe provide more context …

Did you already run the postinstall …?

What happened before you started seeing this message …

It seemed that I had a problem with fail2ban. So, I removed the fail2ban package doing this which removes yunohost and yunohost-admin. So I reinstalled these packages on a system that is already working.

Il semblait que j’avais un problème avec fail2ban. Donc, j’ai enlevé le paquet fail2ban ce faisant qui enlève yunohost et yunohost-admin. J’ai donc réinstallé ces paquets sur un système qui fonctionne déjà.