RAM, Swap and HDD advice


I’ve got a RaspberryPi with 8GB of RAM. YunoHosts diagnostics say that 88% of the RAM is still available and yet when I install programs such as Photoview I need to increase swap.

So what’s your advice: should I edit server’s swappiness to use more RAM or should I instead create a bigger swap partition/file? If the latter, how big should it be, 4 GB?

My Raspberry boots from a 2,5 mechanical HD. I now need to replace it so have you got any advice? I don’t need much storage (I think 256GB would be enough) and it would be great if it was powered via USB (I’m already using all the sockets around).

I use it for a couple of static websites, xmpp, synapse, plume, photoview, gotosocial, transmission, navidrome and jellyfin (locally). Considering NextCloud (but in the past I didn’t use it that much so I don’t think it’s worth it) and PeerTube.

Finally, does YunoHost check for HDD and SSD health? I think it would be nice to include it within the diagnostics section.

My server is an old laptop i3 3G of ram and 500G hdd.
In your case, just make a swap file of 8G, if it’s needed it will be used, if not that won’t hurt. As you said, some apps require a lot of memory for the installation only.
About hdd health, I had my first hdd broken. I received an email from yunohost informing me that the hdd is dying. In your case, make sure that the USB case supports smart.

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Thanks for the reply. I didn’t know YunoHost informed about dying hdds.