Quick Question about a location of a script

i just wanted to know where the script was that comes up with the /etc/issue file in yunohost. i’m making a “theme” and i wanna change it up a bit like different ascii font an stuff to make it cute or whatever. i noticed it updates itself. was wondering where that comes from… so i could make a script to edit that script there and have it display more info and all kinds of other stuff. just making my own ynh “app” that just replaces scripts and motd file and installs the SSOwat theme i use for me… and all that so i can have it be soo much easier to install more servers to my network in the future. thanks so much! i’m having a lot of fun with yunohost.


just want to know where the script is that creates the “/etc/issue” file so i can make a “theme.”

Maybe an ‘/etc/issue’ text search inside Ynh Github repo could help?


Thank you so much for this help! I’ll check it out. That’s a great idea, I wasn’t even sure where to start. Cheers!

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