Questions about formating and reinstalling Yunohost


I managed to install a yunohost instance on my Rasp pi 3 and now everything work like a charm.

However I have a question. I installed Yunohost on Raspbian with PIXEL and I wanted to redo an install with Raspbian minimal edition to squeeze a bit of storage space however I have a question :slight_smile:

  • Is it possible to format my sdcard, reinstall raspbian + yunohost and choose the same name for my Yunohost instance that I’m using right now ?


alternative install raspbian/
(Possibility to install Raspbian for Rpi3 since September 2016)
or Raspbian without

yes, you can.
Also you could creat a another free dynamic DNS to confirm you ip before you erase your partition.
It will a alternative during your reinstall if it’s difficult to reinstall the same name for my Yunohost instance.