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Hi, i’m thinking about using yunohost, but I have an important question first. And I’m really sorry if it may be a stupid question.

I have a domain that I want to use for yunohost. I also use the E-Mail service that came from my domain provider, and want to continue to use that.

I’ve read now that yunohost also sets up an E-Mail-Service. Would it be possible that the yunohost-Mail-Service may mess with the provided service, or should everything be fine? Meaning, that I still get my Mails through my domain-provider.

Thank you in advance for all answers, and sorry if that question was stupid. I use software mostly, and am not to heavily educated about the inner workings.

The mail routing mechanism is done accordingly to the MX DNS records for your domain: a MX record contains the destination’s server FQDN to forward incomming emails to, and a preference value
if you set no more MX DNS record than the one which should be present at the moment, the mails will not be sent to your yunohost server.
If you create several MX records for your domain, the prefered server will be the one with the smallest preference value
I advise you to check your DNS zone for your domain

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Hey, thank you very much.
Indeed, I’ve found the MX Records for my domain, and think I have now a better understanding than before.
Thank you for your quick and detailed answer.

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