[Question] How to have Nextcloud point to a folder in my home dir?

At installation time I did not select the checkbox to link my Nextcloud to my home folder. Now I regret this a bit and would like an access to some/all of my home folder inside Nextcloud. How can I do this?

A l’installation je n’ai pas sélectionné que je voulais que Nextcloud ai accès à mon répertoire Home. Aujourd’hui je le regrette un peu et aimerais avoirs accès à tout ou partie de mon Home depuis Nextcloud. Comment est-ce que je peux faire ça ?

While this question is old, I stumbled over it while searching for information about the YunoHost Nextcloud App, so answering for reference.
I think the home-folder is really just an External Storage. I’m not sure if/what you’d have to change permission-wise, but here is a configuration with the home-folder selected at installation at the External Storage section in the Admin-Settings.

Yeah thank you @shukon, I found my answer but forgot the post so I did not respond to myself.