Question about installing an app that is a docker image

Uaing a standard Yunohost no changes.
First let me say I have no docker experience.
I found an app I want to try to install
It installs in a docker app. My question is do I install customwebapp then cd into the customwebapp and run the install commands there?
Thank you again for Yunohost you are the most awesome people on earth!

Hey there !

I’m not sure about that because I have close to no XP with docker

But :

  • the custom webapp thing is not what you are looking for for this
  • maybe there’s an app out there that allow to deploy some sort of docker interface to then manage docker apps … but I’m not sure … have a look into portainer
  • or you can try to use this magic script to convert the docker file into a yunohost app (again, never used it so … :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thank you Aleks. I’ll give those both a try!

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