Question about Buster

I took a look over some of the github repos, but I was kinda confused and couldn’t find an answer: when will the buster switch happen officially? or a general estimate? I was a bit worried about nextcloud being at end of life. Thank you!!


The new version 3.7 is one of the prerequisites on Buster’s road(map).

In addition a testing version of Nextcloud is available (version 18.0.2).
A great job has been done to manage php 7.3 next to php 7.0


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Thanks @ppr! Is there an easy way to upgrade to Nextcloud and to give feedback on testing?(apologies if I’ve missed this)

@brimwats I upgraded to nextcloud 18.0.2 with the testing branch. No problem so far.

@ericg and you did this via

sudo yunohost app install --debug
sudo yunohost app upgrade nextcloud -u --debug


The stable version is out now!

thanks @ericg! does that mean I update with sudo yunohost app update --debug


You should be able to get it updated through the admin panel

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