Propose Help for Non working Apps

Hi everyone,
I am currently in my final year in bachelor degree in computer science in Lyon , France
We were instructed to contact Yunohost’s community in order to to help you with the development of an non-working application,
But after some research, we did not find any project we can help you on. So do you have any to suggest?



Bonjour a tous,
Actuellement en L3 dans informatique a Lyon,il ma été demandé d’aider au développement d’application non-fonctionnelles,
Mais après quelques recherche je n’ai pas trouvé de projet auxquels participer. En avez vous a me proposer?



Are you in the same class than @Prein, Proposal for help ?

The best start is probably indeed to have a look to the dashboard or the app list,

As well as for Prein, don’t hesitate to ask me if you need some help IRL. I’m in Lyon myself.

Yes :grinning: we are in the same class !
Thank you for proposing your help :grin: