Problem with /etc/cron.daily/spamassassin


I’m running Yunohost on Debian Jessie (Digital Ocean) and I get this email every day :

This is the mail system at host

I’m sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It’s attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

               The mail system (expanded from ): connect to[]:10024: Connection refused

Reporting-MTA: dns;
X-Postfix-Queue-ID: 08D886087B
X-Postfix-Sender: rfc822;
Arrival-Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 07:05:56 -0400 (EDT)

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Original-Recipient: rfc822; root
Action: failed
Status: 4.4.1
Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; connect to[]:10024: Connection

Subject Cron root@yunohost test -x /usr/sbin/anacron || ( cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.daily )
Date 2015-08-31 07:05

run-parts: /etc/spamassassin/sa-update-hooks.d/amavisd-new exited with return code 3
run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/spamassassin exited with return code 1

I’ve had problems with spamassassin in the past but they have been solved, I don’t know if it’s related.

Any idea?

Yep, I also get it everyday.

Me too, for some time now!