Problem while choosing the language

Hi all, I’m new here. Since several years I use nextcloud on Rpi4 and on a shuttle. Because I want one or more Apps running on my Rpi4 I think yunohost is the right system for this.
My problem with installing yunohost-bullseye-11.0.9-rpi-stable:

After selecting the German language with ok, the next window asks: Which user would you like to rename? This is the end of installation.

Eerrr yeah I think we somehow didn’t properly test the RPi images … There’s something funky in the new RPi “base” system because it wants to create a user and other stuff, which wasnt there on Buster …

But it’s hard to debug/test because personally I don’t have access to a RPi4

Ideally it might help to share screenshot if you are able to ?

Hi Aleks, I made 2 photos in the order >select language< and >rename user<. For a tiny moment, 4 identical lines of warning messages appear at the bottom of the screen

WARNING: Unknown X keysym "dead_belowmacron"

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