Problem installing jitsi

I tried installing jitsi through YunoHost and I have a problem that I can’t figure out how to fix
Hope you can help me figure out how to fix this problem.
YunoHost version - (stable).
Note - I added another domain for jitsi think to indicate this

2020-05-31 18:28:39,373: WARNING - Invalid e-mail address for domain 'auth.domain2.tld'. Please, use a domain administrated by this server.

It looks like you need to add a domain auth.thedomaineyouwanttoinstalljitsion.tld

but why??
Is this a problem in Jitsi? Or YunoHost?

As written in the readme (, jitsi requires its own subdomain and 4 sub-subdomains.

Ok thank you
I’ll do it… but it’s just annoying that he needs it that way…

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