Preview Links broken [BUG] [MatterMost]

Hardware: Linode 2CPU 4GB RAM
YunoHost version: Latest
I have access to my server : Through SSH & through the webadmin |
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : NO

Description of my issue

I am attempting to achieve a display a preview of website content, image links and YouTube links below the message when available.

Action: Post a link in a channel. I Spent 100 Days in the Metaverse - YouTube
Expectation A preview of the Youtube link with header and description
Result Just a plain https link.

1.) “Enable website preview links” are enabled in System Console and have been verified in the config files.
2.) “Website link previews” are enabled in user display settings.
3.) Changing DNS resolver to Google/Quard9 resulted with NO success.
4.) We even included a Google API V3 key. NO success.
5.) Did a full re-installation and attempted action with no success.

Preview links used to work Pre 5.39.

I attempted to post these links in the MatterMost Yunohost demo, and it did not work their also…

I am convinced this is a YunoHost/Mattermost bug. and Yes, we also opened up ports and many ports. and we are NOT blacklisted by DNS/DNSBL lists/services.

Assistance here would be greatly appreciated.

Suspicion - I think it could be something to do with how matter most fetches for the information and how Yunohost sets the application up in terms of internal network configuration.

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I just installed Mattermost for the first time ( Version 6.3.3~ynh1) and am also not seeing link previews.

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Yes, mee too I haven’t understood how watch the link previews in mattermost…

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Thank you for uploading the bug to the github page.

Ref- Preview links are broken · Issue #340 · YunoHost-Apps/mattermost_ynh · GitHub

Hopefully the solution is fairly easy.

Any temporary solutions on your end, guys?

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