Pourquoi Yunohost ne lance-t-il pas une monnaie cryptée pour faire de la publicité ? / Why does Yunohost not launch a cryptocoin?


Cryptomonnaie et d’hébergement de données publient leurs propres versions des cryptomonnaies.
Pourquoi pas aussi Yunohost ?

De quoi Yunohost gagne-t-il son argent en premier lieu ?
Et Yunohost ne mérite-t-elle pas de gagner beaucoup d’argent puisqu’elle est la meilleure l’auto-hébergement au monde ?
Je dirais, lancez une cryptomonnaie, investissez en vous-même et gagnez de l’argent en retour avec elle.
Ou est-ce que je fantasme trop maintenant ?

Cryptocoin and datahosting companies are releasing their own versions of cryptocoin,
why not also Yunohost?

How does Yunohost make his money from in the first place?
And doesn’t Yunohost deserve to earn a lot of money since it is the best personal serverapp hosting application in the world?
I would say, start a cryptocoin, invest in it and then later earn money back with it.
Or am I fantasizing too much now?

Probably because the first apps on catalog is “anarchism_ynh” :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean cryptocoins are so binded to speculation (except duniter) that most contributors don’t imagine spent time on things like that. Cryptocoins don’t create things, don’t code anythings. If one day, we announce we create an ynhcoin, it’s probably the 1rst april…

To be clear, YunoHost lives thanks to voluntary contributors spending the most of their time to make this distribution continues to work properly. We don’t have time counter, but YunoHost contributors offer probably more than 100 hours / week since several years. So if we wanted to fund all this work, we would probably need at least 300K€ / year. I don’t know if it’s what voluntary contributors want, this question should be asked to main contributors (who spend between 20 and 50 hours/week).

Currently, Yunohost get 20K€ from Nlnet, about 3K€ of donation last year, 2K€ (if i remember well) from code lutim, and, recently, 7,5K€ paid directly to reflexlibre by CNAM which need some features.

Note: in general, it’s easier to fund new features than bug fixes or version upgrade.


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