Postinstall fails on Cubietruck + Armbian_stretch 20.02.1 + kernel 5.4.20

Hi there!

First, thanks a lot for your great work and support. I’ve been able to appreciate it on my Cubietruck (cubieboard 3) with a domain but I had to reinstall at some point (don’t remember the exact circumstances of the crash) and I’m now trying with my own domain on the exact same Armbian image from scratch.

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Cubietruck board running Armbian stretch 20.02.1 with kernel 5.4.20-sunxi
YunoHost version: latest as of today (got from curl | bash)
I have access to my server : Through SSH
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Description of my issue

So, as said, I already had a Yunohost instance properly running on this exact same Armbian Stretch image (bottom of this page) which seems to not be supported anymore. I’m now restarting the whole process from scratch but with my own domain name, for which I already set up the DNS following Yunohost’s guidelines.

The first install phase (curl | bash) is running smoothly but the postinstall phase that I ran from the command line (yunohost tools postinstall) is crashing with the following log which seems to be related to iptables:

> iptables v1.6.0: can't initialize iptables table `filter': Table does not exist (do you need to insmod?)
> Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to be upgraded.

Another suspicious thing from the log is that my actual domain name,, never appears and instead maindomain.tld is mentionned everywhere.

Thanks again for your support and all the best to the whole community in these difficult times.


Hi Mattieu,

I don’t have a straight solution, but maybe my related experientce gives a clue. I use Armbian for installs on orange pi zero’s. A bit different, but Armbian as well.

I recall having had this error as well. I think I could not find a cause for the error, rebooted by accident and after that the module could be found.

There are two things I’d like to mention:

  • I try not to forget to apt upgrade and reboot before curl install, and hardly ever have an issue during postinstall. I did have consistent issues with one specific image from Armbian though, and returned to using an older version
  • maindomain.tld is mentioned in another issue recently, maybe there has been a change in part of the setup?
  • If you have no data moved yet, it may be less time consuming to start over. Ip problems repeat, try another Armbian image.

Sorry to not be of direct help!

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