Post-install on a Vagrant VM



I have already my own dedicated server with my own domain. So I choosed to install YunoHost on a vagrant vm to keep all my existing setup. The install was succefull but now, I’m stuck on how to make YunoHost accessible from the outside.

About all the mail protocols (smtp, pop, etc) I suppose that I should forward them via iptables to the ip of the vm. Am I right?

Concerning the web interface, I would like to make it available via a subdomain ( but not sure on how to proceed. My webserver is Apache so I thought to use a proxy virtualhost but it doesnt seem to work:

  • accessing the domain with http seems to redirect the browser to
  • but then the browser fail to connect to the server (probably because of the https protocol…)

Because I cannot find documentation on how to integrate YunoHost with a vm in an existing server, I hope someone will be able to help me here.

BTW sorry for my bad english :wink:

Edit: J’accepte les réponses en français aussi :wink:

You should install first YunoHost then install your own services. For example, Apache will cause problems because YunoHost is based on Nginx.

Thanks for your response. But I choosed to install it via Vagrant precisely because I didn’t want to setup my server from scratch. I don’t understand the interest to install it via Vagrant if we can’t use YunoHost from a VM. Did I miss something?

Ah, ok

I didn’t understand it was a VM on your server.
So, I can’t help you on that.

@pyrech It is entirely possible to host YunoHost on a Vagrant VM, as it is for a VirtualBox VM. Actually, both installations require the same kind of parameters but bridged networks are not managed well on Vagrant.

So roughly, you will need:

  1. a NAT (default Vagrant network behaviour), and you will have to redirect each port manually
  2. a reverse-proxy SSL Apache (certificates must be on the host, but you can priorily transfer them from your YunoHost VM)
  3. a wise redirection of others ports, since the rest of the protocols used in YunoHost (SMTP, XMPP, etc.) doesn’t support proxying and virtual hosts well.

Note that you will not need to use specific iptables rules: Everything is handled by Vagrant here.