Port closed or not?


i just reinstalled yunohost from start but somethng is going strange:
I tried to close port 22 but it is still listed as opened both from shell and from web moulinette:

this is what I get in the shell if i try to reclose the port

yunohost firewall disallow Both 22
Attention : Le port 22 est déjà fermé pour les connexions IPv4
Attention : Le port 22 est déjà fermé pour les connexions IPv6
[ ok ] Restarting authentication failure monitor: fail2ban.
Succès ! Pare-feu rechargé avec succès

  • 22
  • 25
  • 53
  • 80
  • 443
  • 465
  • 587
  • 993
  • 5222
  • 5269
  • 5353

restarting yunohot changes nothing

The next issue is that from the web interface it is no more possible to open the port since it is labelled as open

Is there anything we can do to fix it ?
which log could help on that matter?
thanks in advance

i change the port of ssh too, and mine is closed in from what u call “web moulinette” the firewall of yunohost.
you can always install for have more security in the ssh port this:
sudo apt-get install denyhosts
and configure like the the docs.
hope it helps you!

Do you want to stop ssh? You can stop the service via shell and web moulinette…

stop a service (ssh)

#sudo yunohost service stop ssh

or disable even at start

#sudo yunohost service disable ssh

hi, no i just want to close port 22.
but yunohost is unaware of it and keeps reporting the port is open.
wether i ask yunohost to close it from the shell or from the web interface the result is the same the port is still reported as opened.
So was it closed or not ?

You could check, if im right, via nmap -sT -O localhost and see if its closed or not.
If yunohost shows something else than nmap, you should open a ticket…