Pleroma Instance: Invalid Credentials

Just installed Yunohost today, I launched the Pleroma app installer and got it running, I was able to log into Pleroma with my user name and password that I created at the time of install. My brother and friends wanted to join they created accounts and where able to login after the initial account creation but if they log out and try to log back in it says invalid credentials. Now I figured out that if I create a user within Yunohost that has the same name as the user names they created within Pleroma and give them access to Pleroma they are then able to log in. This is a nightmare as I dont want to have to do this everytime someone registers a account, I want them to just be able to create an account and log in without having to mess around inside Yunohost.

Please Help

Figured it out if you go into the settings through the Pleroma app admin a panel then go to authentication > and switch off LDAP settings

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