Pleroma for ynh



A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to learn packaging for ynh. I chose Pleroma as a project. I’d never set up a webapp up before, nor do I had any experience in packaging or whatever, so it took a while to figure everything out. While I was still working on it someone else started making their own package for it, but in meantime they don’t support that one any more[1]. I just wanted to let everyone know here in case someone is looking for a Pleroma package. The package is not working rn because some breaking changes came to Pleroma recently, the good news is that it worked before + they have stable branches now, so I’m quite confident I’ll get it working again.

The package is at

[1] Pleroma: OStatus-compatible social networking server


Thank you for all your work ! If your package ends up being more stable and maintained than the current app (which if I understood correctly won’t be maintained ?), feel free to come and discuss the integration of your app in the community list :


It is hard to maintain this app as I am not using it and monitoring the updates. As you seem to be doing work on the app and would maintain the app better, I would propose your app repo for default Pleroma app. We can merge your app on the main yunohost page when you want. My only concern is the update script. If some one has installed the app when the current Pleroma app was working from yunohost apps, then how your repo will handle upgrade for the instance?


Looking forward to this! I wanna try to run a tiny instance on a raspberry.


Sooo, I think it’s ready. It currently installs the 0.9.9-beta-2, once the v0.9.9 is tagged I’ll change it and it will update correctly. However, I saw that someone started to work on the Pleroma package currently on the community list, so I don’t really know what to do… Do I just add mine as well, but with a different name?


Hmyes indeed… I dunno if yalh76 is on the forum but he’s been working on several apps recently … maybe you could open an issue to discuss this on the existing repo ?

Dunno what to do with this but maybe the two works can be merged somehow (e.g. if some stuff is not covered by one of the repo, e.g. maybe 0.9.9 adds some stuff not taken into account in the existing repo in 0.9.0, idk)


Issue opened about a double package:
I don’t know how to solve that.

The package is based on the develop/head branch of the upstream app