Piwigo: per user gallery


I’ve just installed Piwigo and I wonder how to allow each user to manage a own, particular gallery. For the moment, I change users’ status from “visitor” to “administrator”, but this setting gives access to all galleries for each administrator.


I’ve already searched for a solution for your question (particularly in Piwigo plugins): the only answer I know at the moment is to install separate Piwigo instances for every user (or group of users) you want to allow hosting galleries.



I’ll wait for another app or install several instances.


I just spent 3 hours trying to configure piwigo that way (each user would have its own gallery). I should take a look here before ;).

How difficult is it to install and configure separate instances? If you have any clue or tutorial it will be great! I’m not afraid with command line setup ;).

Well, as the application is multi-instance, you just need to install it several times (each time with a different domain/path) and… that’s it!

Ok great ! Thank you, I’ll try that.