Piwigo package updated!

Piwigo package has been updated and is now compatible with Yunohost 2.4!

Main enhancements:

  • piwigo updated to latest version (2.8.2)
  • the SSO is now possible even in public mode
  • backup/restore functionality is available

I contacted monsieur-a (the official maintainer): he hasn’t time any more for piwigo_ynh and we agreed that I take over the maintenance responsibility, so the URL is now:

Thanks to monsieur-a, whose prior coding on the package was the most difficult and important one!

Please feel free to test and report any problem!

Hi, and thanks for updating the package and maintaining it :heart_eyes_cat:

  • Could you send (if you want) the ownership of the package to YunoHost-Apps organization.

  • That way colaborators could easily works on same package (like monsieur-a) .

  • I sent you a request to join YunoHost-Apps organization.

  • Then, could you send a pull request to update Piwigo information on community list?

  • That way your version will be displayed on community apps list

  • Better, you could also ask monsieur-a to merge your modifications on his version and change ownership to YunoHost-Apps. That way, issues and pull requests are kept.

OK, that’s done : https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/piwigo_ynh

I edited the first post accordingly.

Well done!

The Piwigo YunoHost app has been updated to version 2.8.3.

Changelog :

8 languages have been updated: Arabi/Egypt (العربية (مصر), Breton (Brezhoneg), Basque (Euskara), Norwegian (bokmål), Dutch (Nederlands), Thai (ภาษาไทย), Bulgarian (Български), Turkish (Türkçe).

Bug fixes:

376: [MySQL 5.7] ORDER BY clause is not in SELECT list, fixed by Mercury_LABBS
548: quick search and HTML comment; security issue reported by Nicolas Bidron from NCC Group Security Advisory
547: increase checks on url format bug; security issue reported by Nicolas Bidron from NCC Group Security Advisory
546: Bug on reset password email bug
542: New user should not always use browser language bug
449: Video upload fails, fixed by vvinogradsky (Lightroom export to Piwigo plugin author) and dkm
306: [language] Other language file than plugin.lang isn’t loaded bug from-mantis minor; fixed by LucMorizur

Happy upgrading! :wink:

The Piwigo YunoHost app has been updated to version 2.8.5.

Bug fixes:

#595: update PHPMailer to 5.2.21 thanks to teekay (security issue)
#575: minor security issue CVE-2016-10083 cross-site scripting on admin page, reported by Shinkurt
#574: File Inclusion with Possible RCE on admin page, reported by Shinkurt
#573: minor security issue CVE-2016-10085 File Inclusion Attack on admin page, reported by Shinkurt
#572: minor security issue CVE-2016-10084 File Inclusion Attack on admin page, reported by Shinkurt

Happy upgrading! :wink:

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The Piwigo YunoHost app has been updated to version 2.8.6.

Bug fixes:

599: fix PHPMailer smtp class loading when using SMTP transport
600: [minor security issue] Cross Site Scripting in image upload, reported by boogyman2
602: “invalid section token” for plugin including a number in name (like menalto2piwigo)

Happy upgrading! :wink:

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Hi guy,
trying to install piwigo, I have that issue.

ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)

  • mysql -u root --password=XXXXXXXXXXX -B ‘’
  • ynh_mysql_connect_as root XXXXXXXXXXX ’

I read on forum some people have the same issue but me I only have for piwigo application… I think…

What I installed until now… Gogs, kanboard, keeweb, owncloud, roundube, shellin a box, ttrrss and yunofav.

Note : I put the message here because I think (suppose) it’s related to the application (others use mysql…) so … if not, please do not hesitate to move the message.
Note : any others applications to install that use mysql… just to compare password…


Could you please try to install piwigo from the command line interface, like this:

yunohost app install piwigo --verbose

and share the output (for example on https://paste.yunohost.org/)?

If you want to try another application that uses mysql, you can try to install Kanboard. But the mysql password will be different, as a unique password is generated for each application.

Will do tonight, at home, because impossible to copy from shell in a box to file…
but yunohost app install piwigo --verbose doesn’t work, (unknown application) I need to tape.

yunohost app install https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/piwigo_ynh --verbose

does I have to update something (I use version 2.5.5).

OK, that’s not a problem. I assumed you had activated the community repository this way:

sudo yunohost app fetchlist -n community -u https://yunohost.org/community.json

It allows you to install community applications just by their name.

For the log, can’t you just copy/paste from shell in a box to paste.yunohost.org?

Nice trick :slight_smile: thanks. for shell in a box… dunno why but each lines are in a row or a html table so to copy… will do once I will on my private network (directly ssh connected).


https://paste.yunohost.org/leqayusece.diff hope it can help.

First, sorry that I misread your prior post, the command fails on mysql connection using root user: so the same password should appear in every app installation (that creates a MySQL database).
I was (wrongly) talking about the password that was generated for the MySQL user that is created during every app installation.

So for your problem: it seems your MySQL root password has changed…

  • Did you try installing another application?
  • Can you connect to MySQL this way?
sudo mysql -uroot -p`sudo cat /etc/yunohost/mysql`

pi@yunohost:~ $ sudo mysql -uroot -psudo cat /etc/yunohost/mysql
ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)

For installing another application… have a name… (just to try). the only thing I know, is I only used the interterface to install so…

For another application, you can try Kanboard.
But your test just proves that your MySQL root password has been changed: the /etc/yunohost/mysql contains the root password, so what you just tested shouldn’t fail… And any app installation (that requires MySQL) will fail as well.
Do you remember changing MySQL root password?

no… for wich reason I would like to change ? The only thing I do is install and uninstall applications via the interface and apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade…

How can I repair ? must I have to reinstall everything ?

Hopefully you won’t have to reinstall everything, we’ll help you towards that goal. Yet, the fact that MySQL root password changed is puzzling…
Could you please change MySQL root password following Tostaki’s answer on this post here and report back: Kanboard installation error? ?
Good luck!

I like the good luck thing :-D… I’ will do that during the week … after a full copy of my memory card… (#yunoincase).

Hi guys,

I can’t even start the process… here the log. any ideas ? (tried as root and as user).
I continue to find but if something goes your mind.