Piwigo, my favourite photo app, won't update to v14

My YunoHost server

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If your request is related to an app, specify its name and version: app Piwigo 14.0.0-ynh1

Description of my issue

Just tried to update t the latest Piwigo app through the YNH web admin, but the update failed.

See the log


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I have the same problem

But , i have no time now to check

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I think I’ve solved this.

  • I updated to the latest from within Piwigo. The update went fine and confirmed as v14.1.0 (I did do a backup inside YNH first)
  • Run System Update inside the YNH webGUI
  • Attempt to update Piwigo then clears the upgrade thats available
  • Checked Piwigo. All good.
    Watch out! I use the Bootstrap theme which is cleared and the default theme is used. Just go into Piwigo Admin and result your chosen theme. All good


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