PiHole : comment vérifier qu'il est fonctionnel?


Bonjour, j’ai un yunohost sur un vieux dv4000 en 32bit, j’ai installé PiHole je vois dans ses stats qu’il tourne et vois des requêtes, mais ne fait aucun blocage.
Comment puis je vérifier son bon fonctionnement et que mes devices l’utilisent bien ?

Did you set PiHole as your dns server ?
PiHole will work only for your server, as your server will automatically use it as its DNS. To set it for your entire network, you have to use this server as your DNS server.

Well, it’s supposed to be done :

cat /etc/resolv.conf 
# Generated by NetworkManager
search home

But, I’m not sure that’s enough :confused:

Not sure about this address…
But anyway, I was talking about your entire network, not your server itself.
Either you can set the dns into your router, or you’ll have to do it for each of your devices.

The best way is to configure your router to use your server as your main dns server. If you can’t, you can use pihole as your DHCP server (see here), that way, all your devices connected to your network will get their configuration from your server, and so the DNS.

My problem there is that this specific install is with the belgian Proximus ISP.
They are at the top of the sovereignty hooligans… (block so much that you have to experiment to escape).
Thus, the router is unconfigurable !

Not even turning off the dhcp ?

If you can’t do anything with your ISP router, the last option you have is to buy another router and to put it behind your ISP router. Then, to put your entire network behind that second router.
That’s my own configuration, not that I have any issues with my current ISP, but that way, I don’t care about the router of my ISP, nor my ISP itself. And especially I don’t have to change my configuration each time I change of ISP…

Not even turning off the dhcp (first resart, no internet access and need to reset the ISP box to factory settings. They are real censors !)
They even do DNS spoofing :wink:
I’ll check for additional router (have to improve my finance first)

By the way, which router would you recommend ?

I’m myself behind a Netgear R6220, a 60€-80€ router. A completely configurable router with a good wifi.

That’s not that expensive, considering that I can just put a DMZ on my ISP router and let the netgear handle my entire network. No more issues with my ISP, I do not have to reconfigure and adapt my configuration each time I change of ISP. It just works.