Phpmyadmin launch error


As I have already described, there is an error while trying to acces myPhpAdmin, even on a fresh installation of Yunohost. Here is the issue :

File ./vendor/autoload.php missing or not readable.
Most likely you did not run Composer to install library files.

It’s under going

You should be soon have a testing which can be used.

The big issue is that I cannot properly install another app.

/etc/php5/fpm/conf.d/20-my_webapp.ini wasn’t deleted because it doesn’t exist.

Is there any news about this problem.
I’ve tried almost everything, but the problem continues the same.


Fixed in the current testing branch.

sudo yunohost app install --verbose


sudo yunohost app upgrade phpmyadmin -u --verbose

I forgot to report, it worked out perfectly.
thank you.