PHP/Symfony App, Composer & dependencies


I’ve developed an app with Symfony and tried to package it for ynh.

My question is : how do I manage my dependencies ?
For now, I’ve committed all my vendor directory to my git repo but I find it inelegant :frowning:

What’s the good practice while developping an PHP app for ynh with composer ?
Should my script install composer locally while installing my app ?

Thanks !

And by the way, my app :
And the ynh package (mostly usable) :


I’m no app packaging expert, but I believe that yes, you should just call composer during the install script rather than package its dependencies into the git repo ?

As far as I understand this is what roundcube does e.g. here :

Edit: thank you for your work btw ! :wink:

Thanks your answer and the roundcube example it perfectly answers my question

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