Pfsense install to yunohost. 1 server!

Hello, I am writing through a translator - I’m sorry)
The following question I want to put 1 computer. Technical task:

  1. install yunohost.
  2. and choose in applications pfsense and also install.
    The idea is to remove your router and, instead of it, 1 computer that will be both a router and a yunohost server.


Hello Pheasan2003

looks like pfsense isn’t just a simple app you can install on a server, it seems to be a OS on its own. Based on FreeBSD.
YunoHost is a Debian based software.

You can’t have both Debian and FreeBSD running at the same time.

what I know on BSD. The question is to create a script for installing a vertical machine and install pfsense in it. What would all be in the style of yunohost :slight_smile:
Or another pfsense equivalent system.
To manage traffic and use as a router with wifi and lan on 3-4 port.

Sorry but I don’t understand your last answer.

I guess you’re using a tool like google translate. Please try with, if it does support your native language.
It’s usually way more efficient than google.

What I believe understanding is that you’re looking for a way to install pfsense into Debian, with a virtual machine or so.
Well using a virtual machine could be a solution. But considering you’re looking for a router software, a solution could be to run your server on BSD with pfsense and to run YunoHost into a LXC container into BSD.
It could work that way, but it wouldn’t be an easy way.

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" Hi, thank you for DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator " Let’s see how it goes )
Thank you for “run your server on BSD with pfsense and to run YunoHost into a LXC container into BSD”. It solves the problem quite well.
Another question, is there a pfsense analogue for YunoHost (debian)?
Thanks again for your help.

That’s far better :+1:
Do not mention it and everyone will believe you’re really writing in English :wink:

Having a look to the Wikipedia page of pfsense I found that link at the bottom List of router and firewall distributions - Wikipedia.
Looks like there’s plenty of software to fulfill that purpose. Most of them though seems to be a complete OS, but maybe you can find something interesting.