Peronalized tiles in the yunohost portal

Dear all,

I would like to propose an idea about the tiles in the portal : do you think it could be a good idea to be able to personalize each tiles ?
I was thinking about maybe the app logo for example, or any icon the user want ?


That would be awesome !

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Hello guys!

Any update on this one? It would be nice to have custom tiles with the app logo on them for example!

Hey guys,
I made a theme for yunohost which displays the app tiles with logos. I went with two different approaches:

  • Use Yunohost Admin API: This has the limitation that like this the tiles with logos will only be visible to admin users.
  • Use a personal apps.json config file where all info (logo, description, website link, github link) can be specified. Like this the tiles are also visible to regular users.

This is how the outcome looks like:

I plan to publish my yunohost theme to GitHub or my Gitea instance in the next days. Any interest in this? Also would be great to receive some feedback from user testing.


Hello Nadine,
Your theme looks so cool and it would be really nice if you’d share it to the community :wink:

Many thanks

Actually isn’t really hard to write a new theme (Yunohost Themes · GitHub), and yes it’s a good idea, if I have more theme maybe try something, with the new package system maybe we can get more info (and logo) to use it ?

Edit : The theming documentation are not complete and needed to be update, you can change your theme in the web admin > tools > yunohost parameters > other > user portal and theme.