Peertube_ynh master branch failed to install

Hello guys,

Yesterday i tried to install peertube_ynh but it failed to…
I used the 2 branch testing and master to try the install, the testing branch first and the master in second time
I did not read the logs for the testing failed install and try the master branch
In the logs during the master branch install i saw that a problem with the service postgresql that doesn’t exist
I don’t know if the dependecies needs to be install manually…(i don’t thing so)
I read all the logs and it seems i need dependecies ? 3 to be exact :

  • Postgresql

  • Does anyone had the same issue ?
    Thanks a lot

The dependencies should be installed by the app.

Anyway for peertube I think you should really use the testing branch (afaik the master branch was not working at all, or too outdated ?)

But if it doesnt work, then you should really look at the log (the full log, not just the last lines which are misleading on what exactly happens unfortunately)

Ok Aleks,
Thanks i need to search more before asking for help ! I’ll try this soon and give report

Can you please open an issue with logs on the app issues page?

This is the first problem after this the application use the uninstall script with a lot of errors of course. because nothing was installed.
Attention : dpkg: concernant yarn_1.6.0_all.deb contenant yarn :
Attention : yarn entre en conflit avec nodejs (<< 4.0.0)

Please see this :

Your nodejs seems to be old,please update it. Nodejs has this conflicting issues sometimes,if there is still conflict please remove nodejs and then install the package which will reinstall the required nodejs and yarn version itself.