Peertube upgrade issue

Hi everyone, my peertube upgrade fails after some time.
However I don’t think it’s related with Peertube v5, because I already had this error before this update.
Here is the log :

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Hey there. From what I can get from the logs, the upgrade fails while trying to update packages with yarn.

2023-01-14 16:59:42,443: DEBUG - info There appears to be trouble with your network connection. Retrying…

So maybe there’s a problem with your internet connection, a firewall or something like that? Have other updates (besides the Peertube app) failed before?

Assuming that you tried to upgrade via web interface: If you could ssh into your server and check whether you can connect to other servers and specifically the servers needed to fetch the update, you might get an idea, what the issue is.

I got the same problem

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@madmaxlamenace : doesnt sound like the same issue to me, it looks like you manually cancelled the upgrade …

ERROR - Impossible de mettre à jour peertube : L'opération a-t-elle été interrompue manuellement ?

Ok thanks, i used ssh and command line interface

I first used screen

And execute the peertube upgrade without backup (my yunohost instance runs in proxmox kvm and i used snapshot before upgrades)

yunohost app upgrade peertube -b

The upgrade takes around half and one hour to finish.
My problem is solved.

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