PeerTube on YunoHost and More

First I want to make a comment on Yunohost, I found it to be one of the easier platforms to deploy on Debian 10, and the same goes for the apps in the library. I have deployed 5 yunohost servers; that I will list below, and they all run dedicated PeerTube Instances. I can not say there are no challenges in particulate with storage management. I think one feature that is missing is how to handle digital ocean volumes in yunohost before any apps are deployed. It should allow the administrator to select the volume the app should be installed, now that is observation that needs some consideration. Another items would be to add a DNS option to edit the DNS file, that also is a good feature for better DNS management on the host level.

Here is the list of YunoHost Servers with PeerTube running;

I am also planning to deploy few more YunoHost servers within the next month and a new PeerTube search, but what I did not see on the app selection is the instances-peertube option, maybe that can be included as an app selection?

Overall I have to say great job to the YunoHost team! If you want to see the whole project you can visit fightbig(dot)tech it is a battle fought with YunoHost platform as the core hosting management.


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Since there was a limitation on the links I am reposting the link to the website that started it all at https://FightBig.Tech.