Peertube auto-import-ytb , how to call js script?

Hi all,

Anyone using Peertube plugins/scripts? I try to sync a Youtube channel to Peertube. There is a plugin, auto-import-ytb, that should enable just that.

I shamelessly cross post from the Peertube forum.

Maybe one of you got it working but is not on the forum there. I can’t figure out the problem. Searching for ‘auto-import’ gives me tips how I can import my car the easiest way, but no help with Peertube.

So far:

  • Initially I used the Youtube credentials instead of Peertube credentials; corrected
  • Initially I used the Youtube channel instead of Peertube channel, and when I used the Peertube channel, I used the name instead of the (numerical) ID; corrected
  • Logging at debug level does show the entered details are being registered
    {"parameters":{"settings":{"ytb-urls":"[{\"address\":\"\",\"ChannelId\":\"3\",\"timeloop\":3} \n]\n","admin-name":"minda","admin-password":"secret password of minda"}},"level":"debug","message":"Checking enabledPluginValidator parameters","label":"","timestamp":"2021-11-28T12:29:42.422Z"}
    {"message":"Configuration changed: [{\"address\":\"\",\"ChannelId\":\"3\",\"timeloop\":3} \n]\n","level":"debug","label":" peertube-plugin-auto-import-ytb","timestamp":"2021-11-28T12:29:42.457Z"}
  • Youtube-channel-URL gives a screen full of text in my browser: OK?
  • Logging does not show any activity besides registering plugin details

Should I be able to run the script at /home/ manually? I tried node, but it does not seem to do anything.

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