Path for Language file

I want to edit my Language file, but I don‘t know the path.

If it’s to correct or add good translations: you should do it here:

To do it only on your instance:

You probably need to redo your change after each upgrade.

I Need my Language without gender“*“

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Feel free to share your translation here, maybe some others users could be interested.


Thanks - Danke!
The “genderstar” looks so ugly in my admin-area.

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Would someone mind sharing a german language file in normal language? I can’t read this damaged translation.

Thank you so much!

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If someone got improvements, please post here or share a new link.

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Is there a way to have a language setting in yunohost user profile? ATM the language is switched by browser, I think.
So - every update the language file gets overwritten with corrupted language file.
It would be good to have a way to select different translation which will not be overwritten by update.