Passwords no longer accepted after reboot

My YunoHost server

Hardware: VPS bought online
YunoHost version: 4 (newest)
I have access to my server : lost access
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Description of my issue

Hi! After rebooting my VPS the Yunohost passwords are no longer accepted - this applies both for me as user and as admin. As I opted in for letting Yunohost manage ssh access, I lost access to the server as well, and it seems nothing can be done about it? Or does anyone have any idea? A new reboot did not help.

Lessons learned: Do not let Yunohost manage your ssh access!

Wish directed towards Yunohost: Please implement a “password forgotten?” feature on the login page.

In this case, it is no major issue for me as it is only a test instance. But it made me think! (My main Yunohost instance has an external backup)

Typically you should be able to open a console/terminal from the web interface of your VPS provider (though that depends of the VPS provider) and you should be able to log as root + your usual admin password

If you successfully get access back to your server, I’m quite interested in knowing if the slapd service is running (c.f. systemctl status slapd)

Yeah, but that’s not trivial because that assumes you have a working mail stack or gotta use another mechanism etc…

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Thanks for your reply! Good to know. I tried to use the root password that I noted down but it was highly complex, maybe it is therefore it did not work, there is no copy and paste in the VPS web terminal. There is no way to reset the root password either, something that is possible with other providers. Next time I will be better prepared, I hope my case can be helpful for others as well. Thanks again!

But what about your regular admin password ? (Yunohost syncs the admin and root password)

oh wow, that worked!!!

slapd is running, what shall I do next?

Uuuh wokay then idk, let’s try to naively systemctl restart slapd, and check if admin login still doesn’t work ? (I’m really curious to understand what’s happening and the underlying cause of this issue since that’s not the first time somebody reports that kind of stuff…)

Or if that still doesn’t help, try setting a new admin/root password with yunohost tools adminpw

For some probably weird reasons none of the commands changed anything

So you defined a new password and still are unable to login from the webadmin ? But what about the ssh password though, did it change that one ?

The password changed. I can login from my vps terminal, but not via the web admin and not via ssh from my laptop either. Maybe firewall issues? Login only from localhost allowed? Or maybe it has to do with restrictions as it run on a LXC server?

Are you able to login on SSO (/yunohost/sso/) with your user account ? If no, maybe your ip is banned from your server ?

No I cannot. I tried to login from different IPs, without luck. Are there any commands I can try? If not I will make a reinstall

Just to make sure, the login page is displayed, right ? You are able to type the login/password, but it says the login/password is refused ? (Just to make sure that it’s not an issue where in fact your server as a whole ain’t accessible anymore at all…)

Yes, the login page is displayed. It says “Wrong username or password”

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