Packaging apps and configuring apps for Dummies

I am selfhosting for a while before Yunohost, but essentially I run docker containers and copy and paste nginx snippets into the config to get things to run.

I have been looking for a quite a while for some dummy tutorial to package my own apps, but I struggle to find any good tutorial for dummies which ideally contains examples I can copy+paste and use for myself. Is it somewhere where I did not find it?

Let’s take Mealie;
Its a docker container with LDAP integration and a fantastic API, good documentation which includes Backups and restores. So litterally everything which is required for a package. Reading through the documentation I think I could set up an install, backup and restore script within a few minutes if all goes well. But then I have no clue how to start on a package. The documentation is a stub, I have not seen anything good in the forum which helps me.

Its is impossible to find the config files for a lot of apps. Isnt there a way to display the location of the most important config files on the config page… perhaps even allow to edit them there?

E.g. Collabora’s dictionaires, when I hosted it myself, I just added an option to the docker command and I got the correct languages. With the Yunohost version, I need to install packages and do some magic. It is a thing which everybody wants I presume. I needed to ask on git-hub and got an answer some time later. I still dont have the dictionaries up and running.
There are a few more examples, in which I spent hours to find the config files. They were at a completetly different location from the ones mentioned “in the internet”.

I love the concept of Yunohost, I love how easy all is, I hope you find more support, and I am rooting for you. But I hope there will be a slightly better documentation at some point. Because right now, all the time I save having the UI is eaten up again by trying get the apps to run in a way I like it + I anyway need to have a second instance to run my other apps not supported Yunohost. So I sometimes think it almost takes more time to use Yunohost rather than do all the configuration manually. (The docker app could be a great solution for a lot of the above issues if it was fully supported)

When things are not documented (benevolent time you know :slight_smile: ), don’t hesitate to ask on the forum/github, this way several people can search together and actually document (yes, not it’s the best way, but still) how to find or do something. That’s how we are making progress :slight_smile:

The best you can have now is the example_ynh repository, or any “simple” (not Nextcloud) app repository.

It’s not a magic bullet, but you may have a look at the app install script, often there is a “config file” part where it will tell you where Yunohost will create that config file.

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