Packaging a service

Hi all,

Following an issue I raised about Synapse, I figured there is no easy to find documentation about how to package a service, that has no web interface… at least I didn’t find it!
Synapse being a Matrix server, it has no web page interface of its own!

So 2 questions:
-How can the dev remove the button from YNH homepage?
-How can he add the Synapse service to the services page in the admin section?


Hello matlag,

First it’s possible to not have any “button” on the portal for your app.
But, I see in your install script that you have a path, so if you have and if you need this path, you can’t avoid the “button” on the portal.
Because, this “button” is also an authorisation access for your users.

If your app can be accessible only by it’s port, you can remove this “button” and use your app only like a service listening on a specified port.

You can see the package of minidlna which used like that, only a service without any web interface