OwnCloud apps shortcuts

Hello all,
I am using some OwnCloud apps such as calendar, contacts, etc… I was getting annoyed by having to access them from within owncloud.

So I made small YunoHost packages that:

  • Download, install and enable owncloud apps
  • Create a shortcut to access them from YunoHost

At the moment I made:

it would be cool if some of you could also test these?
If they work fine, I could either create new packages for other apps, or create a generic package that can install any app (providing the app URL)

What do you think?

So I also made a generic package to install any owncloud app: https://github.com/scith/owncloud_apps_ynh

You need to install it from the command line as the web interface does not allow to send an URL as an argument at the moment

I tried with the “tasks” application: https://apps.owncloud.com/CONTENT/content-files/164356-tasks.zip and it worked