OwnCloud 7, CardDav plugin on Roundcube, Cubieboard 2 image released

To upgrade OwnCloud on your YunoHost server, simply run the upgrade from the web Administration interface, or run the following command:

sudo yunohost app upgrade owncloud

If you want to activate the CardDAV address book on Roundcube, make sure to install Baikal first, then upgrade the Roundcube package:

sudo yunohost app install baikal
sudo yunohost app upgrade roundcube

I have updated owncloud today and it went well.

two non-blocking problems

  • When access to owncloud, I have 5 or 6 times a message “Authentication error” and then the page is displayed

  • I use calendar of owncloud, when I click on “parameters”, I no longer have access to my calendar display options (the button has no effect)
    edit -
    I have this error:
    Error PHP Class ‘Sabre_CalDAV_Backend_Abstract’ not found at /var/www/owncloud/apps/calendar/lib/sabre/backend.php#3


I solved my problem.
The update to 7.02 had not updated the applications.
I retrieve the directory app of the tarball owncloud.tar.bz2 and copy them to /var/www/owncloud

Are there any plans to update the YunoHost ownCloud app to version 7.0.4 anytime soon? Is there a way to update ownCloud using the built-in updater, or is this dangerous?

I would even ask: Is an upgrade to Owncloud 8 is planned ?

I would love to package the upgrade, unfortunatly I don’t have time to try these days…

But if you want to try by yourself, just create a fork from https://github.com/Kloadut/owncloud_ynh and upgrade the sources.

Upgrade from 7 to 8 should not be complicated regarding the 8’s changes. :blush: