OpenVPN doesn't start 8.1

I contacted you because I’m struggling with OpenVPN and Yunohost.
In fact my OpenVPN server (stock) doesn’t start at all. Even if I use service service start commande (I dont have any output or any log).
The only way to start it is using systemctl start openvpn@yunohost.service or openvpn yunohost.conf

Start button on Yunohost admin panel also doesn’t work.

Could someone help me, before I loose hairs :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Thanks in advance.

Can you copy here the output of the command: systemctl restart openvpn@yunohost.service
end some where the 50 last lines of /var/log/openvpn.log.

Did you try to reinstall OpenVPN? Have you used your own certificats?

yes I’m sorry I didn’t updated the topic. I resolved my problem using systemctl restart openvpn@yunohost.service some days ago. I created a pull request to correct the problem on the package for anyone.

I tried many reinstallation, on new digitalocean droplets. Everytime the same problem. I din’t used my own certificate.