OpenSondage: a date poll system

I would like to update the package opensondage_ynh with the new version of framadate (
My problem is framasoft who develloped the new version calls now the soft “framadate” contrary to before.

OpenSondage alias Studs alias now Framadate, was more a nebulous cloud of forked version on github. No one was really the official version. That’s why opensondage_ynh is compound of mixed repo (opensondage, framadate and several modifications to adapt the soft for yunohost).
Now it seams that the most followed and advanced version is the framadate repo on

So should I change the name of the package by framadate? Should I keep OpenSondage? Or should I take a new name due to the number of change in the code?
If the name change I think it could be complicated for the user to understand this change.

The code is under Cecill licence. There is no restriction about the name.
I explain on the Readme of the package the origin of the code.

What is your point of view about this?


I have updated the package today. So it is possible to test it.

Change log:

  • Add german translation in manifest
  • Update to FramaDate v0.8
  • It’s now accessible to blind people
  • There is the “Yes/No/If necessary” answer
  • Some ergonomic change
  • CSV export
  • Fix some bug

Thank you for the update.
A complete change over in the looks and exporting CSV so helpful.

I have updated the package this night.

Change log:
[fix] non member couldn’t administrate poll so they couldn’t create poll.
[fix] several bug corrected on the framadate repository
[enh] German traduction imporvement

I think this version is ok to be added to the official repo.

Excellent ! I’ll try it as soon as possible :slight_smile:


First thanks for this app!

I encountered an issue when creating a date poll. I was able to create it, I received the emails after creation, but the links sent me on a page with “erreur le sondage n’existe pas”.
Trying to create the same poll on framadate, I finally realized that I had written 2017 instead of 2018. In framadate version there is a calendar opening when clicking on a date frame which forbids this kind of writing error.

Here is my question : why is this calendar pop-up not present on opensondage_ynh when typing in a date frame? Is it a choice, a technical issue, or simply an older version of the framadate app?

I think it would be a nice improvement to add this functionality, and also the functionality of creating a range of dates (++ button in framadate)

Thanks in advance!

Hellow !

This should be confirmed, but as far as I remember, the development of Open Sondage is pretty slow or stopped, and Framasoft forked it to produce Framadate with some more features… So there’s an ambiguity regarding what/how we should package this for YunoHost, because Framadate contains some bits (e.g. logo, names) relevant only for Framasoft…

If I remember correctly, we briefly discussed this with Framasoft’s people and if I remember correctly, there’s some work needed to factorize out the bits from Framasoft out of Framadate before packaging it for YunoHost.

But basically right now I don’t think anybody is working on this because of lack of time :confused: Anybody would we very welcome though :wink: