Open port on specific NIC

Hello, this question is generic and not related to a specific installation

I generally more or less know how to configure iptables or other tools like firewalld.

However I’m not sure how it may conflict with yunohost firewall.

If I want to open port 389 on physical NIC or a virtual one (VPN interface or docker bridge for instance) but not on the public interface, what is the recommended way in Yunohost, so the rule is not deleted by yunohost firewall later?

Hi @ashledombos

I’ve never done what you are describing, but if I were you I would try using the command yunohost firewall which has yunohost firewall list and yunohost firewall allow -h

# yunohost firewall allow -h
usage: yunohost firewall allow {TCP,UDP,Both} port
                               [-h] [-4] [-6] [--no-upnp] [--no-reload]

I think it modifies /etc/yunohost/firewall.yml.

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