OnlyOffice -Word, Excell Powerpoint colaborating


i found an other exelent program i want to see on my yunohost server ;

is OnlyOffice :

is free, and just exelent !!

can u please using it on yunohst


Onlyoffice is integrated as an apps for Nextcloud and nextcloud is already aviable for Yunohost. As Onlyoffice needs Nextcloud, it’s not usefull to package specillay Onlyoffice.

Onlyoffice works by default with OOxml and there’s Collabora, based on LibreOfficeOnline who is, as the name says, a LibreOffice On Line. It’s also avialable as an app for Nextcloud.

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sorry i don’t realy good with english

so to resume, i can use nextcloud with onlyoffice ?

because to do that means a serveur onlyoffice, so i have to install a serveur nextcloud + onlyoffice

i need the two program on my yunohst, no other server

Il faut installer Nextcloud comme application de Yunohost.
On lance ensuite Nextcloud.
Dans le store de Nextcloud, il faut cherche "Onlyoffice"
Onlyoffice utilise par défaut le format de Ooxml (Word/Excel) et pas celui de LibreOffice. Donc je conseille CollaboraOnline qui utilise LibreOffice On Line.

Enfin, il faut voir la puissance de ta machine car OnlyOffice comme Collabora demande pas mal de ressource (ça ne tourne pas sur un Raspberry).

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