One user with multiple mailboxes: Is it possible?


Yunohost’s mailserver works very well, it is a decent and lightweight alternative to some more resource hungry alternatives like Mailcow.

There is one thing I wonder about, though. It seems that a user is restricted to one mailbox by default? If I want to create, let’s say one mailbox per domain, the only way to do so would be to create a new user? Or are there other ways to do so? I suppose one would have to edit the postfix config files manually?

The reason for having multiple mailboxes is to seperate content (personal, work, shopping) in order to avoid the big mess of messages that I had before with lots of filters and folders that never worked for me. Thanks!

That is how I do it, and then set a forwarding address (or multiple) for the receiving mail box(es)

But then user1 still has only one mailbox, hasn’t (s)he? Which mailbox do you forward it to? When logged in in YH as user1 you have to log out to access webmail of user2?

I am trying to organize my email mess better, so I am interested to know :slight_smile:

Yes, that is correct and may/may not be a drawback.

My reason for the setup might be slightly different, so let me elaborate:

  • For organizing mail
    • For each contact I make an alias in my profile
    • For each alias I set up an identity in my (web)mail program(s)
  • For distributing mail
    • I create a user eg “me_and_my_wife”
    • In the profile of that user, I create aliases for eg. utilities, banking etc, that concern my wife and me
    • In the same profile I set forwarding addresses to my ‘companies’ alias and the same for an alias of my wife’s mailbox
    • The same for things that concern my children and me, or the whole family

Yeah, me too. Besides that, I wanted to track privacy- and security leaks, hence the unique aliases per contact (it actually worked, seeing emails from an unknown company sent to the alias I made for another company, or scams send to an alias only known to another company).

I think when you got a total of 50 points of “mess and complexity”, you can move them around from 50 points of mess and 0 complexity to 0 points of mess and 50 points of complexity and anywhere in between, but you keep those 50 ‘points’. You can even decide on where you want to put the complexity, 20 points here and 15 points there, but it still is 35 points of complexity :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the details of your setup. I actually started something similar for a mailbox that I created for newsletters, orders etc. I also started creating specific aliases for each company for the same reason as you. I might stick with this practice even if it is a bit complex as you said