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Yes :+1: I shoud be back on Thursday ~ Friday - don’t hesitate to harass me if I forget about this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Same for me :wink:


Meanwhile, I’ve finished a small part of code to have a badge for each app from the CI directly, so we will have badges for each CI, stable, unstable, testing, ARM and jessie.

Of course, now, we have to wait for each test to be done before having all the badges.
For example on stable, we have these ones:


Hey guys, I’ve a question for you.
What about adding 2 protections rules for the master and testing branches of our official apps.
We already have a removing protection and a requirement of 1 approval before be able to merge a pull request.
I would like to add these 2:

  • Add a second approval, to match the 2 LGTM of our PR template.
  • Add a dismiss of all previous approval in case of new commit on the PR.


Agreed! :+1:


Ok for mee too


it’s ok for me too. It can be useful.


These are good additions. Ok for me too.


I’ve made some new developments on YunoRunner:

  • we now have menu bar, wouhou!
  • in reality it’s because we now have a page for all apps (instead of all jobs)
  • and one page per app that list all its jobs
  • we also have COLORS NOW, because it’s fancy
  • the homepage has been optimized, it was way too slow to load, now it loads only the latest done job per app, the running one and the scheduled ones
  • yunorunner won’t silently crash if a job failed
  • also did some cleaning on the job page and some links everywhere

Both the “all apps” and “per app” pages are dynamically updated like all the other pages (it was quite some job to do all of that).