Not receiving some e-mails

I have been having some problems on one of my yunohost servers, which I have my own domain configured. And recently have been receiving complaints of people sending e-mails to the users of that server, but users not receiving it. Searching in the logs I found nothing wrong. Any ideas about what could be the problem?

Not if you don’t have acces to more informations about

  • source domain (who is sending to your user)
  • recipient (your user)
  • time frame or precise timing

And checking if the sender have received an NDR (Non Delivery Report) because if the mail did not reach your server, they (the people sending the mail or at least their IT service/provider) should have receive it.

Because if your server have no trace of it and the sender have no NDR it means that the SMTP protocol is broken for everyone (on earth I mean :upside_down_face:) … as far as I understands it.

We found the problem, it was TLS, I had activated to only 1.3…going back to 1.2 makes it work again, after some tests all good now.
Some people were receiving a NDR and calling us, some were not receiving anything.

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