Not getting email from invoiceninja

Hello, i just installed invoiceninja4 and i must have messed up my password so i need to reset it. Problem is : password reset email is sent but never received in roundcube. I am using my YNH email adress, everything is green in the email diagnosis and ports are open as they should so i don’t know where to look…

After doing some research the problem seems to be wider : no outgoing emails from my server can be received by another server. Internal emails are fine : netdata sends emails to my YNH adress and roundcube gets them but whenever a YNH email is sent to a gmail adress for example, it does not reach out.

3rd edit :stuck_out_tongue: roundcube outgoing mails are fine, only the ones sent by the system or apps do not get through… I remember now having the same issue with bitwarden only able to send registration mails to an YNH adress, not to a gmail one for example.

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