Not able to iinstall a fresh Nextcloud after a restore

My YunoHost server

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YunoHost version:
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Description of my issue

Hello, again all…

After a recent restore of my server onto a new machine, I tried to install a fresh version of Nextcloud to my server through the Applications.

It fails… Ahggg

Here is the log of the aborted install…


Many thanks


What is your server and what apps do you have installed? Are they up to date?

@jarod5001 thanks for your response.

The restoration was fine. The server is the latest Bullseye/yunohost.
I was able to recover, and they are working:
Shell in a box
Invoiceninja 5
UnAttended Upgrade

I can’t restore:

I can’t install from fresh:

The only thing that is common, that I can see, is that these require the yunohost/share folders which when I ssh in do exist.

I did:

yunohost tools regenconf nginx --force

but the problem(s) are still there.

All services are running

Now I’m not sure what to do.

have a good day


Not sure why these packages are here, but it sounds like we should

apt remove php-igbinary php-redis

(assuming this doesn’t trigger more uninstalls of important stuff)

Php packages are supposed to contain the version numbers, we absolutely don’t want to install those with no version numbers in their name

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