Nohost domain recovery - Suppression de domaine en, et


@Dan, succesfully removed. I couldn’t find domain.

Hello, could you please delete these DNS :

First, thank you very much, for this very nice job.
Can you remove :
I’have at the post install ; sous-domaine DynDNS indisponible

Thank you

I have Deleted them two.

Hello Moul,

I encouter some problems to install LaBrique, can you remove again : ?
Tank you very much

Done. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hi i would like to remove my domain name after a DynDNS error …

Done. I have removed it.

I have removed that domain name

But I can find that one:


Can you remove and, please ?

Thank you

I have deleted:

I can’t find:

Same error for me.
Could you remove please ?

Thanks in advance


Could you remove ?
I need to reinstall my server.

Thanks !


Could you remove too?

Thanks ! removed removed removed removed.

I think what would be nice (as @maxime said) is a way to authenticate users (using some sort of private token) and make them “owners” of their subdomains so they could remove it themselves through an API call.
This way, when a dynette subdomain is removed in the admin panel, the admin panel could also send an API call to dynette to delete the subdomain and free it…

The problem is I don’t know Python very much :cry:

Could you remove too?

Thanks !

Removed! Enjoy it!..

Thank you a lot. :smiley:
Very good work, I like yunohost.