No Ports exposure is working

hello i am Ahmet none of the ports are working as i couldn’t find the solution
my system is old laptop motherboard

Can you re-explain your question ?
And use the topic template so we’ll have the necessary information to help ?

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Ports expose
they are all outside and my only problem is i need to open port to this modem but i don’t know how to open port to modem

do you have a router connected to the modem? or just laptop connect direct to modem?

what router and what modem do you have?

also what version yunohost you running and model of pc to offer the best help here.

sounds like you just need to port forward and make sure ISP is not blocking ports.

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The laptop is directly connected to the modem.

modem:zyxel dx3200-B0

I’m pretty sure the isp isn’t blocking it.

oh its a DSL all in one modem router.

yeah i think you need to go into settings of router/modem and port forward and dmz

I couldn’t understand much because it is not the same version, but I think I need to enter port forwarding from the easy menu.

I took care of everything, but I did not understand what to write to the destination and source ip, what to write to the destination and source port.

we talking about the inside of the router firewall port forward or we talking about a domain dns record?


Thank you everyone I solved the problem thanks to you

can we know what you did at least, encase others come looking for the same.

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