No domain registered with DynDNS after moving to a new VPS

After I moved to a new VPS I keep on getting emails like that:

Cron <root@server> : YunoHost DynDNS update; sleep $((RANDOM%60)); ! ping -q -W5 -c1 >/dev/null 2>&1 || test -e /var/run/moulinette_yunohost.lock || yunohost dyndns update >> /dev/null

What is it and can I fix it? I have to mention that I registered a .nohost domain when I created the new VPS but then I restored the users and settings form the old server so the .nohost domain is not in my list anymore, nor do I need it. Can it be related to that?

EDIT: I asked for the removal of the domain here Nohost domain recovery - Suppression de domaine en, et - #2495 by Tio maybe that will fix it.

You provided only the title of the email, not the actual content, therefore we don’t know what is the actual error message … and it’s always better to fill the support template …

But random guess from what you explain is that your is not there anymore, and therefore this cron should not exists anymore and can be manually deleted (though it should have been automagically deleted)

I apologize. The content of the email is “No domain registered with DynDNS” - I will be more mindful about completing the template next time.

This is true and I asked for the remove on the other forum post. Nohost domain recovery - Suppression de domaine en, et - #2495 by Tio

EDIT: Indeed I see the Logs here

Yup, so i’d say you can safely delete the corresponding cron job, though it’s not clear why it’s still there:

rm /etc/cron.d/yunohost-dyndns

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