No boot on Hard Drive after installation / Pas de boot sur le SSD après installation

I tried to install YuNoHost on a HP Micro Server, on a SSD that had previously OpenMediaVault installed, and was booting just fine.
The installation went fine, but then, after restart, the Micro Server is unable to find the SSD drive to boot on it (while, during the install, i did correctly instal GRUB on it). So disappointing…
Any tips ? should i install a basic debian, and try from there ? :cry:

French version
Après installation de YuNoHost sur le SSD d’un micro serveur (qui avait précédemment OpenMediaVault dessus, et qui démarrait sans problème), le système n’arrive pas à booter sur le SSD.
Des idées du problèmes ?

No idea why it doesn’t work, you should try with debian indeed.

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@ljf thank you for the answer.
Sad to have to do it in “two steps”, the install was so promissing…

Yes and normally it works, but if it doesn’t we are obliged to use the second way